Water jet cutting is an excellent method for cutting different materials like rubber, plastics or plywood. As no separate finishing is needed, the delivery time is  shorter – and the total production cost is lower.

Jetmatech Oy Ltd,  located in Nummela only  40 km north of Helsinki, is your expert partner  when  water jet cut for soft or porous materials is needed. Some examples of suitable materials:

  • water-repellent     foams
  • silicones
  • films   
  • plywood –  birch plywood and film plywood-
  • hard plastics less than 6 mm
  • panels
  • industrial seals   
  • heat and sound insulation    
  • rubber mats
  • peat plates    
  • free patterned decorative panels: plywood, Gyproc, mdf    
  • filters
  • leather
  • vinyl
  • insulators
  • carpets    
  • design products
  • upholstery materials

    We are also eager to try and test the new!